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Strengths and Shadows

Leadership and Team Building

Strengths & Shadows is a new way to get to the root cause of problems, manage conflicts, and discover hidden strengths in your team, your relationships and yourself.

Uncover Your Truth, Discover Yourself.

We maximize human potential by providing tools that increase self-awareness, communication skills, and emotional mastery through self-guided content

and activities to develop insight, increased emotional control, and

skillful communication for groups, teams, leaders, and individuals. 

Strengths & Shadows?

Strengths and Shadows provides an exploration into the light and dark sides of your personality and your personal challenges around confrontation and communication. The more you understand the shadow side of your emotions, the more effective you will be with difficult people and tense situations.

Our eCourse will help you identify the emotional dynamics that accelerate confrontation and learn to defuse these dysfunctional feelings. We give you research-tested strategies for successful confrontation, productive guidance, holding boundaries, and effective persuasion. 

Who Benefits & Why?


When the stakes are high, emotions run hot and tempers flare. Small arguments can get out of control and suddenly your team is coming apart at the seams. Don’t let emotions destroy the hard work you and your team have put into become champions. Mastering emotion and developing communication and confrontation skills is at the heart of Strengths and Shadows.

Our e-course and program helps your individual athletes develop the kind of emotional intelligence and effective communication to better resolve differences, give more effective advice, and keep confrontations civil and constructive. High pressure performance puts demands on the body and mind. Let us put your team through a new kind of work out to strengthen their bonds as a team and their resolve to win.

"Working with Dr. Mortenson helped open the door for candid dialogue and increased self-awareness, which allowed our athletes and staff to have the confidence to perform their best at our national championship competition."

 - Rob Ellery,

Athletics Spirit Coordinator

Head Cheerleading Coach, University of Delaware

Where We Make The Difference

• Game Changing Leadership Tools


• A personal diagnostic of a learner’s  strengths

  and shadows  


•  Self-guided content and activities to promote

   insight, reflection, increased emotional 

   control, and skillful communication


• Live consultations available for individuals

  and teams 


• Live corporate workshops and training


• Insights into Challenging Emotions and

  Dysfunctional Behavior


• Personal Consultation Available

More Effective Leadership

As a Leader you need program that will not only help you identify your challenges and weaknesses, you need a leadership program that will help you identify and develop new personal strengths to better adapt to constantly changing world.


At Strengths and Shadows we will not only give you new insights into yourself, we will give you the emotional, behavioral, and communicative tools so you can give more effective advice, hold people accountable, and engage in healthy and supportive confrontation with others. You will know the right things to say and do,  and you will be in the right frame of mind to say and do them.

Our methods are based on Scientific Case Studies and Published Research

Dr. Steve Mortenson is a professor of Communication at the University of Delaware.

His teaching and research focus on skillful communication, emotional management, and effective leadership. Dr. Mortenson has developed a unique methods that will help you both identify the emotional dynamics that accelerate confrontation and learn to defuse these dysfunctional feelings.

Self-guided Content and activities to promote insight, reflection, increased emotional control, and skillful communication. 
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